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Katherine in NEWSIES

Kait played Katherine in Hale Theatre's Newsies 


Kait played Lauren in The Phoenix Theatre Company's Kinky Boots 

Medium Alison in FUN HOME

Kait was Medium Alison in Phoenix Theatre's production of Fun Home 


Kait has recently relocated to CHICAGO after graduating from Arizona State with her Bachelor's in Musical Theater Performance, to pursue a career on the stage.

 "As Medium Alison, Kaitlyn Russell's exuberant performance of "Changing My Major" perfectly captures the joy of one's first sexual experience in a comical and touching way. Fearey and Russell's realistic portrayals also allow us to see the frustration, pain and joy Alison has experienced at different ages in dealing with her mostly emotionless parents." - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"... and her college self, Medium Alison (an effusive and exhilarating Kaitlyn Russell), in each instance, unfolding discoveries about her true self and, too, about unspoken family truths." -Herbert Paine, Broadway World 

"Kaitlyn Russell’s portrayal of Medium Alison, at the stage in her life when she embraces her truth, is also impeccable..." - Rebecca Rudnyk

"The Hale cast is led by Kade Bailey as Jack and Kaitlyn Russell as Katherine Plumber, the feisty female reporter who latches onto the newsies' mission as a way to hopefully make a name for herself in the publishing world. Both are exceptional in their roles, with beautiful and clear singing voices, creating strong and engaging characters you root to succeed. Bailey instills Jack with a combination of streets smarts, charm and strength, which works well to depict a young man who reluctantly, yet realistically, ends up as the natural leader of a group of youngsters. Bailey and Russell bring a sense of urgency to their parts to portray the young man who has a fire in his eyes and a devotion to those even less fortunate than him and the young woman who is trying to find her place in a business where men rule. They also create a strong and realistic connection with each other and with their fellow castmates. Their solo songs shine and soar, with Bailey's "Santa Fe" especially moving and Russell's "Watch What Happens" infused with spunk and intelligence." - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"Kaitlyn Russell shines as Katherine, the neophyte reporter for Pulitzer's New York World who sees the strike as an opportunity to put her byline on the front page. She inevitably becomes Jack's spur to action and, yes, there's a romance brewing. She registers her characters aspirations with genuine sensitivity and assertiveness in her rendition of Watch What Happens." - Herbert Paine, Broadway World

"Kaitlyn Russell shines as Lauren the loyal working girl who falls for Charlie. She had me and the audience in her kittenish, pouting rendition of The History of Wrong Guys." -- Herbert Paine, Broadway World

"Kaitlyn Russell is hilarious as Lauren, the slightly kooky and entirely charming factory worker who finds herself falling in love with Charlie. Her solo, "The History of Wrong Guys," is a comical crowd pleaser." - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

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